Hi, I’m David

Your candidate for TDSB trustee
ward 17 – Scarborough Centre

Dear Constituents,

Thank you, for your continued support over the past 8 years as your Trustee for Ward 19 Scarborough-Centre. I would like to continue to represent your voice and be your Trustee at the Toronto District School Board for Scarborough-Centre

Proven Strategy

  • Trustee David Smith has worked with
    design and construction teams investing
    over $37M in Ward 17.
  • Such school
    repairs and maintenance ensure that those
    schools are safely able to operate on a
    daily basis.
  • Long term strategies are
    important to deal with the $15.3 billion dollar backlog of our school repairs.

Experienced Leadership

  • Served TDSB Ward 17 for over 8 years as Board Trustee
  • Former Chair of Administration, Finance and Accountability for the Public School Board (TDSB).
  • Held balanced budgets for five years in a row and surpluses in the past
    four years to the tune of $31.3M.

On-the-Ground Involvement

  • Trustee David Smith has always been physical present in the Scarborough Centre Ward 17 region.
  • Actively visits schools in Ward 17 and engages with school staff and the people living in the community.
  • Hosts myriad fun days during the summer for children and youth in Ward 17.

Bridging Communities

  • After 50 years, Scarborough Centre Ward 17, will have a
    brand new school which will be opening in September 2019.
    This will be a state of the art school for our community. Over
    $44M has been invested in this new construction.
  • We are now able to sell solar energy into the grid. This
    in the long term will bring in extra revenues to put in
    the development of more programs for all of our students’

Results Oriented

Trustee David Smith cares about spending money where it counts. This year, all schools in ward 17 that were ear-marked for
Solar Power are now completed. Big Savings.

List of schools :

Cedarbrae CI
Cedarbrook Jr PS
Churchill Heights PS
Donwood Park Jr PS
Ellesmere-Statton PS
General Crerar PS
George Peck PS
Hunter’s Glen Jr PS
J S Woodsworth Sr PS
John McCrae Sr PS
Knob Hill PS
Lord Roberts Jr PS
Maryvale PS
Midland CI
North Bendale Jr PS
Scarborough Village PS
Woburn Jr PS


David Smith who has served in the role as Trustee for eight
(8) years has been endorsed solidly by the following list of
educational and trades bodies:

  • Campaign For Public Education
  • Elementary Teachers of Toronto
  • Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation
  • Cupe 4400
  • Maintenance and Construction, Skill Trades Council
  • Toronto Labour Council
  • York Labour Council

Overall Cost Budget (Millions)




Note: The above map showing TDSB trustee Ward 17 is interactive.

The diversity of our community
is what makes us great!

My Campaign Needs Your Help


Election Information
The public school board election is held at the same time as
the city election. To vote in the public school board election,
you must be:
• A Canadian citizen
• 18 years of age
• A resident of Toronto or a non-resident property owner.

You get:
• 1 vote for Mayor
• 1 vote for City Councillor
• 1 vote for School Trustee

Monday October 22, 2018
Polls Open 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.


Donwood Park P.S. – Highbrook, Gym
61 Dorcot Avenue
Preferred Entrance:
Door #2 – Off of Parking Lot
Accessible Entrance:
Same as Preferred Entrance

Help Us Get There

Show your support by making a donation to Trustee David Smith .

What Has Been Done

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Testimonials & Endorsements

“Hi my name is Sadia I am community volunteer for Trustee David Smith he is a true inspiration to the students of Scarborough Centre Ward 17. He is a loyal and trustworthy person who has done a great job for our community. He works for the children and our community as a public school board trustee. He will continue our success and I will elect him again for better future of our children and community.”

Sadia Siddique- Muslim Community

“David Smith is committed to a strong public education system where each student has the opportunity to reach their full potential.”

Michael Coteau, MPP Don Valley East

“David Smith looks to the future. He is caring, accountable and he will focus on the plan that ensures improvements to the public school system.”

Brad Duguid, MPP, Scarborough Centre

“My Name Wendy Fanfair, I have known Mr. David Smith, Public School Trustee for the past 3 years. He has been a very trustworthy and honest person to both children, parents, teachers, principals, caregivers, etc. , serves ward 19 . Mr. Smith really shows a lot of interest in both children and teachers in the school system by fixing the problems and the solutions Trustee David Smith believes that education is the surest way to help children succeed and make great progress in the school system by getting things done in a perfect and right manner. So let us get out there and re-elect Trustee David Smith for our children's future on October 22 2018.”

Wendy Fanfair – Community Activist for Youth and Seniors

I believe we must set the bar to allow every student to achieve their potential goals and maximize future outcomes!

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